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New Sub-Zero Wolf Products – Fall 2023

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This year has seen an impressive introduction of many new products by Sub-Zero / Wolf. From all-new refrigeration updates, to an impressive new induction cooktop design, to a completely redesigned 30″ combi-steam oven — everywhere we look there is new products emerging. Below is our list of some of the top new products released this year.

Sub-Zero Classic Refrigeration – Full Model Refresh

The product that started it all — the Classic Sub-Zero Built-In Refrigerator get’s a full refresh this year with a few new models and all-new interiors!

New model options include an all new 48″ French Door Refrigerator, offered with internal filtered water dispensing.

All New Interiors Feature LED lighting on each shelf!

  • Split Climate™ intelligent cooling system revolutionizes Sub-Zero’s already-superior preservation capabilities, keeping food even fresher for longer
  • ClearSight™ LED lighting system fully illuminates the interior and reduces shadows
  • Sleek stainless accents trim the interior, matching the sophistication of the exterior
  • Touch control panel is conveniently located for easy access at the tap of a finger
  • Night Mode optimizes the interior lighting based on the detected ambient light, reducing the brightness by 90% in dim environments
  • Delivers fresh, filtered water through an internal dispenser located discreetly within the refrigerator
  • Activate Max Ice Mode to temporarily increase ice production
  • New, lower control panel location.

    Lift the base of the flip-up dairy compartments to store taller items on the shelf below
  • Position adjustable door bins at various heights to accommodate assorted items
  • The base of the expandable freezer basket conveniently slides out of the way, offering customizable storage for taller items below
  • Wi-Fi enabled features provide remote access from your mobile device
  • Stainless-steel exterior and tubular or pro handles to match other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products
  • Sub-Zero offers an industry-leading full two-year warranty on appliances, along with a full five-year sealed system warranty and a limited twelve-year sealed system warranty

Wolf Induction Cooktop – All New Design

Turn up the heat with a new Wolf induction cooktop. With legacy models available in 15”, 24”, 30”, and 36”, these newest additions to the Wolf collection come in 30″ wide and 36″ wide options have the new touch screen controls and are packed with features that improve both performance and safety.

The new models with the color screen touch controls are models CI36560TS, CI36560CB, CI30460TS, CI30460CB.

The new M-Touch Control Panel

Features include:

  • Consistent, precise control and nearly instantaneous temperature response
  • More efficient heat transfer—energy is supplied directly to the cookware 
  • 17 power settings enhance precision with half increment adjustments
  • Sensors regulate consistent low heat for simmering, melting, and warming without scorching
  • Boost Mode delivers rapid heat for 40% faster boil times, surpassing the speed of gas or electric
  • Bridge two cooking zones into one larger surface for induction-capable griddles, open roasters, and fish poachers 
  • Sleek, subtle surface graphics make it easy to properly center cookware
  • The pause feature suspends the cooktop and all timers for up to 10 minutes
  • Cooktop controls automatically lock when not in use for increased safety
  • Sleek black glass surface resists scratching, staining, impact, and heat
  • Frameless design installs flush against counter for a clean contemporary look

Wolf’s New 30″ Convection Steam Oven – Full Size Interiors

The new CSO3050T model interior now extends the full width, allowing for larger items and more expansive cooking.

Missing that extra delicate crispness in your breads and pastries? Look no further than the new 30″ Wolf Convection Steam Oven! Previously, the 30″ wide models had the same interior capacity as the 24″ units and this wasted space was not ideal.

But all of that has changed.

New M-Touch Control Surface includes automated cooking modes.

Features of the new 30″ convection steam ovens:

  • Plumbed and non-plumbed options for maximum installation flexibility.
  • Full-color touchscreen simplifies use and adds refinement to the design. Easily customize the user interface with drag-and-drop tile options.
  • Cooking modes include Steam, Convection, Broil, Slow Roast, Bread & Pastry, Proof, Sous Vide, Reheat, Warm, Gourmet, and Gourmet+. Additional modes include Wellness, Cleanse, and Steam Clean.
  • 1750-Watt recessed broil element — (Finally!)
  • 2.4 cubic-foot oven cavity is the same exact width as their full-size 30″ oven and now allows multiple dishes to be placed side by side at once.
  • 1889-Watt dual convection system ensures even, multi-rack baking and consistent results.
  • Three full-extension rack positions and one standard position allow easy access and increased cooking flexibility.
  • 40-fluid ounce (1.2-liter) tank holds enough water for 2-hours of uninterrupted steam cooking.
  • The temperature probe alerts you when your dish has reached the desired temperature

Sub-Zero 15″ Under-counter Units are Back!

The New 15″ Wine Preserve holds 24 bottles!

After a decade long period of shunning the slimmer model units, Sub-Zero has finally released a new series of integrated 15″ under-counter units. The Designer Series 15″ Beverage Center, the DEU1550BG, is added along with the Designer Series 15″ Wine Preserve, the DEU1550W.

They’ve even added ADA height models for those with more modern cabinetry designs utilizing C-Channel, handle-less construction.

Control Panel is Hidden in Top of Door


Additional features of the new models:

  • Fully customizable exterior, accepting custom panels for an integrated look within cabinetry or stainless steel accessory panels and handles to coordinate with other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove appliances
  • Seamlessly integrating anywhere, an undercounter beverage center adds comfort to your master suite, creates a corner for libations in the study—the options are endless
  • Flexible storage options with three adjustable glass shelves
  • Intuitive, on-door touch control panel offers ergonomic, convenient access to settings
  • Cleanup is simple with nano-coated, spill-proof shelves
  • UV-resistant glass door protects food and beverages from harmful light that hastens spoilage
  • Magnetic door seals lock in cold air to ensure freshness and provide superior energy efficiency
  • Offers precise temperature control within one degree of setpoint, preserving wine, craft beer, dairy, produce, and other perishables at their optimal temperature
  • Soft-on LED lighting fully illuminates the interior when the door is open and can be adjusted to four unique stand-by accent lighting settings
  • Wi-Fi enabled features allow for remote temperature control, provide important door-ajar notifications, and assist with remote service diagnostics—all from your mobile device

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