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Wolf Induction Range – New for 2016

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Sub-Zero / Wolf is one of the largest American family owned appliance companies and is best known for their built-in refrigerators and premium cooking products. In the fall of 2016 they will be releasing their first  induction ranges that will allow for an even better experience in the kitchen.

Wolf 30″ Induction Range – IR304TE/S

There are many benefits to using induction cooking such as better safety, precise temperature setting, easy cleaning, and the lack of excess heat in the kitchen. In Induction cooking, electricity flows through a coil to produce a magnetic field underneath the glass surface. When a pan is on the surface, currents are induced in the pan and heat is created instantly.

Because of this specific way of heating, cookware made of magnetic materials are required when using an induction cooking. Since the glass of the cooktop is not the source of heat, the cookware cooks the food 40% faster than a gas.

Wolf Induction Range - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

New Wolf Induction Range Installed in an Island

Wolf’s 36” Induction Range will features a fully working electric oven underneath, with a flip out oven control panel. Cooking mode selection will operate exactly as on all their Dual Fuel ranges, with one large selector knob.  Their are 10 different cooking modes that the induction range provides allows for a variety of heat distributions that is perfect for whatever being cooked.

The range also contains two thermostats in the oven which maintains a better temperature that is evenly distributed. The Induction Range includes a Self-Cleaning option that heats the oven to an extremely high temperature to burn off food and residue which makes cleaning the oven as easy as it gets. Along with the self-cleaning option that aids in convenience, it also has timed cook and delayed start features that enables the user to automatically turn the oven on at specified times and off at the desired stop time. The control panel on the Induction Range is touch screen, user-friendly, and is easy to access.

Because it is easy to press the controls when hovering over the oven, this range comes with a control panel lock that makes sure there is no unwanted surface operations that could interrupt cooking time. Regarding the surface of the Induction Range, the power level indicator offers five settings to make sure that the heat is perfectly distributed at the temperature desired. The surface of the range has a bridge element feature that can correspond different elements to accommodate larger cookware.

The surface also has a timer that can be set in one-minute increments up to 99 minutes which can be very beneficial while cooking and also making sure the surface is off. This new 36” Induction Range is a premium product that we’ll eagerly be waiting for this fall.

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